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How Far Will Garage Squad Travel

How Far Will Garage Squad Travel?

Garage Squad, the popular television show that brings automotive dreams to life, has captured the hearts of car enthusiasts across the nation. With its team of skilled mechanics and restoration experts, the show has transformed countless neglected and forgotten vehicles into stunning works of art. But just how far will Garage Squad travel to help those in need of their expertise? In this article, we will explore the reach of Garage Squad and the lengths they go to bring their automotive magic to deserving individuals.

The Garage Squad Mission

Before delving into the geographical scope of Garage Squad, it is important to understand the show’s mission. Garage Squad aims to help car owners who have started automotive projects but have hit roadblocks along the way. Whether it’s due to lack of time, resources, or expertise, the show steps in to provide the necessary assistance and guidance to complete these projects.

Garage Squad’s Coverage Area

Garage Squad primarily operates in the United States, focusing on various regions across the country. While the show primarily targets the Midwest, including states like Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan, they have been known to venture beyond these boundaries for special cases.

However, it is important to note that Garage Squad’s coverage area is not limited solely to the Midwest. The show has traveled to other parts of the country, including the East Coast, West Coast, and Southern states, to help deserving car owners in need. This flexibility allows Garage Squad to reach a wider audience and showcase their expertise to a diverse range of automotive enthusiasts.

Examples of Garage Squad’s Travels

Garage Squad’s willingness to travel far and wide is evident in their past episodes. Here are a few examples of their journeys:

1. California Dreamin’

In one episode, Garage Squad traveled to California to assist a car owner who had been working on a classic Mustang for years. The team flew across the country to provide their expertise and ensure the completion of the project. This example showcases Garage Squad’s commitment to helping car enthusiasts regardless of their location.

2. Southern Charm

Another episode took the Garage Squad team to the southern states, where they encountered a car owner struggling with a vintage Chevrolet. Despite the distance, the team made the trip to provide their expertise and transform the car into a showstopper. This example demonstrates Garage Squad’s dedication to helping car owners across different regions.

Statistics on Garage Squad’s Reach

While specific statistics on Garage Squad’s reach are not readily available, the show’s extensive coverage area and numerous episodes indicate a significant geographical reach. With over 100 episodes aired to date, Garage Squad has undoubtedly traveled thousands of miles to help car owners in need.

Additionally, Garage Squad’s popularity has grown over the years, leading to an increased demand for their services. This demand has likely expanded their coverage area and allowed them to reach even more car enthusiasts across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

To apply for Garage Squad’s assistance, you can visit their official website and fill out the application form. Be sure to provide detailed information about your project and why you need their help. The selection process is competitive, so make sure to highlight what makes your project unique and deserving of their attention.

2. Does Garage Squad charge for their services?

No, Garage Squad does not charge for their services. The show covers the costs associated with the project, including parts, labor, and expertise. However, it is important to note that the selection process is competitive, and not all applications will be chosen for an episode.

3. How long does it take for Garage Squad to complete a project?

The timeline for completing a project varies depending on its complexity and the availability of resources. While some projects may be completed within a few days, others may take several weeks or even months. Garage Squad strives to provide a realistic timeline to ensure the successful completion of each project.

4. Can Garage Squad help with any type of vehicle?

Garage Squad specializes in classic and vintage vehicles, but they have also worked on modern cars and trucks. The show’s primary focus is on automotive restoration and customization, regardless of the vehicle’s make or model.

5. Are the transformations on Garage Squad permanent?

Yes, the transformations performed by Garage Squad are permanent. The show’s team of experts ensures that the vehicles are restored or customized to the highest standards. The goal is to provide car owners with a finished product that they can enjoy for years to come.

6. Can I watch Garage Squad outside of the United States?

Yes, Garage Squad is available for international viewers. The show has gained a global following, and episodes can be streamed online through various platforms. Check your local listings or streaming services to access Garage Squad from anywhere in the world.


Garage Squad’s reach extends far beyond its Midwest roots. With a mission to help car owners complete their automotive projects, the show travels across the United States, from coast to coast, to provide their expertise and transform neglected vehicles into stunning works of art. Through their extensive coverage area, Garage Squad has touched the lives of countless car enthusiasts, showcasing their dedication and passion for the automotive industry. Whether it’s a classic Mustang in California or a vintage Chevrolet in the southern states, Garage Squad is willing to go the distance to bring automotive dreams to life.