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How to Clean Eyelash Extensions

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions

Do you think there’s anything more distressing than a pair of soiled eyelash extensions? The accumulation of unsightly cosmetic debris, dead skin cells, oil buildup, and dirt on eyelash becomes more noticeable over time. However, you may cleanse your lashes twice a day with a soft brush, an eyelash cleaner, and clean water without causing any damage to them.

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How to clean eyelash extensions in your home

Remove your makeup with an oil-free makeup remover

When cleaning eyeliner, be certain to use an oil-free makeup remover or cleanser. Gently whisk away debris, makeup remnants, grime, and oils using a soft bristled brush. The bulk of oils will degrade the adhesion force of the eyelash extensions, leading them to begin to fall out.It is not advisable to try to make your own cleansers at home, despite the fact that the idea is appealing.

Eyelash extension cleanser

To keep your falsies looking healthy, clean, and long-lasting, use a light and oil-free lash foaming cleanser and follow the steps listed below:

• Using a fluffy lash brush, apply a small amount of the foam cleanser to your eyes.

• Gently wipe away debris and makeup residue from all over the eye area and the lash extensions using a cleanser designed for this purpose.

• Using a fresh and soft tissue, fan or wipe dry your lashes to avoid falling out completely.

Make use of the products listed below to clean your extensions in order to take your lash game to the next level:

Cleanser with a foaming texture

A foaming lash extension cleanser will fully remove the extensions. They don’t leave a residue on your lashes like other mascaras. Furthermore, they do not degrade the adhesive bond, and the composition they use improves the health of the lashes.The mild foaming cleanser successfully balances lush cuticles while also being gentle on the skin’s surface.

Micellar water

Using a balanced combination of chemicals, micellar water simply eliminates even the most stubborn eyes and lip make-up. Because of this, you can rely on micellar water to thoroughly cleanse your face and eyes, regardless of your makeup.Clean, healthy, and moisturized lashes are the result of micelles acting like magnets to attract oil and debris.

Cleaning eyelash extensions without  baby shampoo

Cleansing your lash extensions with baby shampoo will help eliminate impurities, debris, and oil that have accumulated. Because infant shampoos include fragrances that can hurt your eyes, it is not suggested.Using a shampoo with sulphates and oils will damage the glue, causing the extensions to come loose.

Keeping your eyelash extensions clean is really important

The cleansing of lashes should be done three times per week, according to some lash experts. Even if you don’t wear makeup or have oily skin, it’s a good idea to wipe your face twice every day.Remove dust, oils, and makeup buildup from the prior day by cleaning at night.Activities such as jogging and swimming require the cleaning of extension ducts. When applying eyelash extensions, you should avoid cleaning them for the first 48 hours after application.

Cleaning eyelash extensions according to professional standards

Cleaning your extensions in the proper manner will keep them looking attractive and extending their lifespan significantly.

Good cleanser should be utilized

Remove dirt, oil, and debris from your eyelashes using a gentle cleanser that is free of glycol and oil. Antibacterial cleaners also help to keep your eyes and lashes in good condition.

Don’t be too harsh

Plucking, rubbing, and tagging your lashes while cleaning them will cause the extensions to fall out.  If you have an itch, run your finger through your lashes or lightly rub your eyelid with your index finger to alleviate the discomfort.

Prior to cleansing, take off all of your makeup

It is better to remove heavy foundation first before washing the lash extensions, and to prevent getting any in the eye area while washing. Remove the eyeshadow by dabbing it with a cotton swab dipped in the makeup remover until it is gone. Remove mascara by using the same procedure described above, but avoid the region around the eyelash extension.

To clean the extensions, use a soft brush and water

Gently brush your lashes with a brush to remove any dirt. An effective cleansing may not be possible with a finger.Start at the lash line and work your way down to the ends of the lashes, being careful not to brush your lashes too much at the base.

Brush your lashes after they have been rinsed and dried

Remove all of the foaming cleanser from your face and pat your lashes dry with a soft cloth, rather than rubbing. Shape your lashes with a tiny brush to give them a fluffy look.

If you have long lashes, avoid using wipes on them

Wipes for makeup removers are laden with glycol, oils, and emollients, all of which will cause your extensions to fall out. A residue is left behind while using wipes, which makes them ineffective.Do not use cotton buds, cloths, or sponges on your lashes because they might cause irritation. You can expect them to pull and rip your extensions out.In order to avoid lash extension damage, do not rub when cleaning. Instead, when cleansing, use mild pressure with your fingertip.

Instructions on how to maintain an eyelash extension

Take care not to cause any contention

It is not healthy to rub your eyelashes while cleaning or if you are irritated. Instead, be gentle with them and place a silk pillow between your legs to reduce friction.

Make use of products that are appropriate for lash extensions

You should avoid moisturizing products and makeup removers that contain oil, parabens or alcohol.

Fill up your water bottle

Makeup for the eyes should be kept to a minimum. If at all possible, avoid applying eye makeup around the eyes to prevent dirt from accumulating and premature lash loss occurring.