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Do You Need Drywall Behind Kitchen Cabinets?

Do You Need Drywall Behind Kitchen Cabinets?

It’s no secret that the kitchen is often the heart of a home. It’s the place where family members come together to cook memorable meals. But sometimes the kitchen can seem like a bad decorating decision. Is that because you don’t have enough storage? Or maybe you’re having trouble deciding between classic chrome or sleek brushed nickel for your hardware? From copper farmhouse sinks to ceramic tile backsplashes, pantries to hoods, there are plenty of kitchen upgrades to choose from.

Drywall behind kitchen cabinets is a great place to add extra storage. If you, do it right, you can add nearly an inch of storage behind every cabinet door. And with that extra storage space, you can feel free to install deeper kitchen cabinets which will leave more usable space on top of your cabinetry where pots and pans can live instead of on the floor where they get in the way.

Drywall Behind Kitchen Cabinets

The short answer is no, you do not need to install drywall behind kitchen cabinets. It is entirely up to you and the look you are trying to achieve. There are pros and cons of attaching drywall behind your upper cabinets, but it comes down to your personal preference. To begin, it may help to know why people include drywall in the first place. Drywall provides a smooth surface that makes it easier to paint and clean than bare studs or wallboard.

Some people prefer the look of drywall because it gives their kitchen a more finished appearance. However, others believe that the added cost and time spent installing drywall are not worth the trouble for something that will eventually be covered by cabinets anyway. If you decide not to install drywall behind your upper cabinets, you should still cover any exposed areas with at least one layer of paint or sealer.

Problems if You Don’t Drywall Behind Your Cabinets

If you don’t drywall behind your kitchen cabinets, you may face some problems. The most common problem is that the walls behind the cabinets will get discolored. When you install new kitchen cabinets in your house, you want them to last for a long time. You want them to look great and be functional. But if you don’t put drywallbehind your cabinets, they won’t look good or function properly for very long. Why Drywall Behind Cabinets Is Important.

The main reason why drywall is important is that food splashes and stains on the wall can ruin the wall. And it’s hard to clean up those spills and stains. Kitchen walls get dirty quickly because there’s so much activity in this room. The wall behind a sink can get especially dirty from water splashing and food particles from dishes being washed in the sink.

Rotting Wood

In a kitchen, wood may rot behind cabinets that have been in place for many years. If your kitchen is relatively new, you may not have to worry about rotting wood, but if your cabinets are old and they’re wobbly or loose in the wall, you need to look at the wall behind them to see what’s happening. Take the cabinet down and examine it carefully. Drywall is often used behind cabinets because it’s easier to work with than other materials, such as plywood, and it’s less expensive. Drywall is still quite appropriate for use as backing because it’s light and inexpensive.

Mold Growth

Where there is water, there is the potential for mold growth. This is especially important in places like your kitchen, where water is used frequently. If you want to prevent mold from growing behind your kitchen cabinets, it is important to protect the wall behind them. If you are remodeling your kitchen or building a new home, you should install drywall behind your kitchen cabinets to provide a moisture barrier.

Mold can grow on almost any surface when exposed to water or moisture. If your kitchen walls are not completely covered by cabinets, it is especially important to install drywall behind those areas so that mold has nowhere to grow if the wall becomes wet from spills or splashes. If your kitchen does have a moisture problem, you may need to replace the drywall and take other measures to stop the moisture source.

Pest Infestation

Yes, it is necessary to install drywall behind kitchen cabinets. It is not only the kitchen that requires drywall behind it; all the rooms in your house should have drywall behind them. Drywall gives a finished look and protects your walls from getting damaged. Benefits of Drywall. Drywall is a modern, easy to install material that is used in most homes today. Installing drywall in your kitchen has many benefits.

Here are some reasons why you should install drywall behind your kitchen cabinets: Pest Infestation If you don’t fix drywall behind your cabinets, there is a high chance that roaches and other insects will get into your kitchen through cracks and crevices in the wall. Insects may come from outdoors or from other rooms in the house if they are not properly sealed off with drywall.


If you have open space between your kitchen cabinets and drywall, it is important to fill this gap for safety reasons. The safety of the homeowner should always be of the highest importance. The open void between the cabinets and drywall can harbor hazards for the homeowner, for example, a small child might hide in this area or one could trip over the edge and injure themselves.

If you aren’t utilizing this closed off space by installing shelving or drawers it is best practice to finish the walls with drywall to make them a part of your room. Often times cabinets can get hung on the wall without drywall, but if you plan to put a piece of furniture against the cabinets, toe-screws are not an adequate way to hold up such heavy pieces.