How to Make A Garden in Minecraft

Mining for materials is a very popular activity in Minecraft, but it’s not without its drawbacks: you’re constantly spending valuable time and effort walking between the locations where you can find clay, stone, coal and iron.

This makes it very difficult to gather the materials necessary to repair tools, build complex machinery such as redstone circuits or automatons, work on your buildings and construct additional homes. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By building a garden, you can speed up the whole process significantly.

Minecraft is a much-loved and very addictive game that allows the gamer to create their own world from scratch. Well, it’s not quite from scratch as you have to start with a single square piece of land, but after that, you’re free to build as you wish. You can explore the vast Minecraft world or spend time building your dream house.

Make a Good 2×2 Hole in the Ground

Any garden needs a good foundation. This can be made by digging a 2×2 hole in the ground. The blocks forming the walls of this hole will be used later on, so don’t throw them away.

Place water sources in each corner of the hole, then fill it with dirt (or farmland) up to the level of the water. The sides of the hole should still be visible.

In Minecraft, you have lots of different options for what to grow in your garden. Naturally, you’ll need seeds to start growing plants – wheat for bread, potatoes for food and melons for melon slices (and seeds). Once you have some seeds, place them into your farming area.

Water your crops to make them grow. Melons and pumpkins take longer to grow than wheat or potatoes.

Making a garden in Minecraft is easy, and it’s one of the most perfect ways to decorate your base. Sure, you could spend your time building something ambitious and impressive, but there’s something to be said for creating a cozy little area that feels like home.

To get started, you’ll need some gardening supplies. Luckily, Minecraft chests are filled with all kinds of useful items and materials, so you won’t have far to go. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1x2x2 hole in the ground
  • Wheat seeds
  • Water buckets

Place Sand in a Layer on Top of the Ground inside the Hole

  1. Make the hole – To start off, you’ll want to dig a circular hole in the ground 2 blocks deep and 4-6 blocks wide. This will be dependent on how many plants you want to fit in your garden. Make sure that there aren’t any grass or dirt blocks in the middle of the hole.
  2. Add sand – Place sand in a layer on top of the ground inside the hole. This will allow your plants to grow properly and not get destroyed by water or lava. If you have access to clay, you can use it instead of sand as some people believe that it is easier to maintain and take care of.
  1. Place your seeds – Now you can add your seeds into the garden. You can buy them from a village farmer or find them yourself while farming crops like wheat, melon and pumpkin seeds.
  2. Water them – Water is essential for plants to grow so be sure to add water inside of your garden so that they have access to this vital resource!
  3. Wait! – Now all that’s left is waiting for your crops to grow! You’ll need patience before seeing any results from planting crops but once they do start growing, it won’t take

Place 1 Line of Dirt on Top of the Sand for Each Layer of Your Garden

A garden is a great way to make your world look more natural and beautiful. It’s also a place where you can easily grow melons, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots and wheat for your food needs.

Making a garden in Minecraft is easy, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Prepare the Land

If you are not starting from scratch with a new world, then clear out an area big enough for your garden. You only need one block of dirt for each layer in your garden. A double-layered garden will only be 2 blocks wide (1 block for each layer).

Step 2: Sink the Ground

Place 1 line of dirt on top of the sand for each layer of your garden. You will want to use at least 3 layers, so place 3 lines of dirt. Make sure that there is at least 1 space in between each line of dirt as this is where you will plant your crops later on. If you want your garden to be larger than 3 layers, add more lines of dirt until it is the size you want it to be.

Step 3: Add Water

Dig down 1 block next to the end of each line of dirt and fill in the hole with water. Make sure you dig down the same number of

If planting flowers or carrots, place 1 line of them on top of each layer of dirt. Flowers can be placed anywhere on the dirt line but you’ll need to leave one space between carrots

  • Place the dirt. The first layer should be 3 blocks wide and as many blocks long as you’d like. Each subsequent layer should be 1 block longer than the last, though, so that your garden is diamond shaped.
  • Place water on top of the dirt. Put a bucket of water in each corner of the first layer, then another set of buckets in each corner of the second. Repeat this step for each layer until you reach the top or run out of water.
  • Plant your crops. If planting wheat, put seeds on top of each piece of dirt. If planting flowers or carrots, place 1 line of them on top of each layer of dirt. Flowers can be placed anywhere on the dirt line but you’ll need to leave one space between carrots.

Cover Up Your garden with Grass Blocks

Making a garden in Minecraft is a great way to spruce up your house or castle. A garden adds a touch of nature to your home, and gives you a place to plant trees, flowers and other plants.

Step 1: Find a location for your garden.

Step 2: Make a square fence around the area you want to use for the garden.

Step 3: Remove all the grass within the fence so that it’s an empty field.

Step 4: Fill in the field with dirt blocks.

Step 5: Cover up your garden with grass blocks.

Final Tips

 In the world of Minecraft, there are two kinds of gardens: flower gardens and vegetable gardens. You can actually use either one for both flowers and vegetables, but it’s easier to grow plants if you have a garden that is set up specifically for that type of plant.

Find some flat land. This is important because it will be easier to build your garden on flat land than if you have hills or trees in the way.

Decide what type of garden you want to make: flower or vegetable? For example, pumpkins grow on vines so it would be best to have a vine-covered wall for them to climb up on.

Dig out an area about 15×15 blocks wide by 6 blocks deep using your shovel (right-click). Keep in mind that the ground should be completely level – no hills or valleys allowed! The depth of this hole depends on how many layers you want your garden to have – just remember that each layer should be at least three blocks high so as not to suffocate anything growing underneath it. Make sure there are no holes left over after digging out this.