What Does Life’s A Garden Dig It Mean

The meaning of What Does Life’s A Garden Dig It Mean might be an everlasting question. This is because the idioms or phrases used in this question are open for plenty of interpretations. You should always understand the context in which these phrases are used to derive the true meaning of these idioms.

What does Life’s a Garden Dig it Mean?

Life’s a garden dig it is a catchy saying that has been in use since the 1960’s. It’s a belief system of sorts–suggesting that time is precious and should be used wisely to accomplish your goals and dreams. Whether you’re young or old, there’s no better time than now to make the most out of life, by digging into what you want to do.

It has been also used by Joe Mantra, Life’s a garden: dig it. It means “You gotta make it work for you.” This is Joe’s mantra, and while it may sound a little clichéd, it’s a lesson in persistence.

Life’s a garden, dig it. This is a popular saying that has been associated with the Care Bears for years. As you may well know, the Care Bears appeared first as greeting cards back in the early 1980s. The greeting card company was called American Greetings and was located in Cleveland, Ohio. The Care Bears were created by an art student from Kent State University named Elena Kucharik.

The idea of “Life’s a garden, dig it” was that there is always work to be done on your life. If you don’t like the way your life is going, then you have to roll up your sleeves and do the work that needs to be done to make things better. It’s not going to happen without effort on your part. You have to dig it!

Where did Life’s a Aarden Dig it come From?

Life is a garden, dig it. Where did life’s a garden dig it come from?

In January of 1962, the Surgeon General made a famous speech about smoking on TV.

In this speech, he said “Life is precious”, the first time the word was used in any kind of public health context.

The following month, in February of 1962, an advertising executive named Bob Hamilton wrote an ad for his client, which was the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

The ad was called “Life Is Precious”, and it featured three men standing atop a hill, looking out at the view. The copy read: “What are we going to do with our lives? We’re all in this together.”

But there was another ad that Hamilton had written for his client, and it had been rejected. It featured three men standing atop a hill, looking out at the view. The copy read: “Life is a garden, dig it.”

This second ad never ran. But the phrase “life is a garden” did catch on — as an anti-smoking slogan — and eventually made its way into popular culture.

Who Created the Original Life’s a Garden Dig it Phrase?

The phrase life’s a garden dig it was created by the late inventor and writer, Don Knauss. He is also known for creating the popular phrase, “life’s a beach”.

Don Knauss was born in Denver Colorado on September 9, 1940. He graduated from East High School in 1958 and went on to serve in the United States Navy from 1959 to 1962.

In 1963 he married his wife of more than forty years, Linda Lou Knauss. The couple had three children together along with five grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Life’s A Garden Dig It was created in 1990 along with Life’s A Beach. His inspirations came from his love of gardening and his love for the beach, as he spent much time at both places throughout his life.

What Famous People have Said life’s a Garden Dig it?

You’ve got to love this one! “Life’s a garden, dig it” is an old saying that’s been attributed to several famous people.

The most popular quote of this type is believed to be from Norman Rockwell, the artist and illustrator whose works include “Saying Grace at Downton Abbey.”

Rockwell said, “To create is the greatest form of art.” So he would probably approve of gardening as a way to get out of the house, enjoy fresh air and exercise.

Nelson Mandela was quoted as saying, “I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. I have fought against imperial domination and I have fought against domestic domination.” It would seem that he also approved of getting outside and doing something fun with friends.

Other famous people who might approve of digging in the dirt are Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

How many Different Variations of Life’s a Garden Dig it are There?

The phrase “Life’s a garden, dig it” means that life is what you make of it, and it’s up to you to take action and make the most out of it. The phrase is a call-to-action, telling us that we should be proactively looking for ways to improve our situation. It calls on us to work hard and not expect things to come easy.

The phrase originated in the American south as a play on words. The meaning of the phrase is often confused with its origin in the song “Zombie Jamboree”, which reads “Life a misery, dem say”.

The phrase has been attributed to several people, including Joe Dirt, Peter Fonda, Burt Reynolds and Will Ferrell. The origins are unknown but it was popularized by Burt Reynolds.

The phrase is attributed to the actor Peter Fonda in the film Easy Rider (1969). It is also used by singer Phil Collins in his song Diggin’ In The Dirt (1992).

Why do People Like the Life’s a Garden Dig it Saying so Much?

The phrase “life’s a garden, dig it” is a popular saying that has been used in various forms on T-shirts and other memorabilia. According to the Daily Herald, the phrase originated with singer Joe Cocker. The artist reportedly said the line during a performance at Woodstock in 1969.

Cocker adapted the phrase from a famous quote by poet Horace Greeley, who said “Go West, young man.” The sentiment behind both phrases is similar — that life is what you make of it.